About FBA

Flasher Barricade History

This industry began in the early ’60s as the demand for devices and services began spiraling upward. The original ten entrepreneurs in the LA Basin felt they could benefit by meeting regularly to formalize procedures and specifications for the growing industry. This group expanded to include the entire state of California, and then welcomed membership from many states west of the Mississippi.

The Flasher Barricade Association was officially formed in the early ’60s, establishing California as the first state in the nation to have a trade association in this industry. In the 70s California was the first state in the nation to publish their own State Manual of Traffic Control Devices, which the FBA participated in developing with Caltrans. The FBA, in conjunction with UC Berkeley, then established the first-ever training program to enhance safety and encourage proper placement of all devices resulting in thousands of certificate holders.

In the early ’80s, well ahead of the “partnering concept,” the FBA established a Joint Committee with Caltrans to meet on an “as needed basis” to further develop specifications and other pertinent information. The FBA was the first trade association in this industry to have a woman serve on its Board of Directors and to preside as an Officer, President and Chair.

The FBA believes that our charter of nearly 50 years remains true today. We encourage new membership to inherit and perpetuate the legacy of the FBA by joining today.


As a member of the Flasher Barricade Association and a neighbor in the local business community, the proprietor and employees of this firm pledge to provide each customer:

  • INTEGRITY in all business dealings, fair and respectful attitudes, and devotion to business principles consistent with the law and public welfare.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE from experienced, qualified personnel in selecting the best equipment suited to the job’s requirements.
  • RESPONSIBILITY for proper instruction in the use and care of equipment which will be provided at the time of transaction in clean, fine working condition.
  • CONCERN for safety with attention to maintenance and use of equipment in a safe manner.
Safety Excellence Since 1962