California – Work Zone Flagger Training Course for Cities and Counties (approximately 4 hours)


This course is an introduction to the basic principles of work zone flagging as outlined in the Cal/OSHA, Construction Safety Orders: 1599(f) and 1599(g). This 4 hour training course is designed to provide hands-on instruction as well as instruct the student on the basic fundamentals of traffic control work zone flagging, in accordance with the current California Manual on Uniform Traffic Controls Devices (CA MUTCD). The Caltrans “Flagging Instruction Handbook” states, “All flaggers shall know the fundamentals of flagging before being assigned as a flagger.”

The Caltrans “Flagging Instruction Handbook” states, “All flaggers shall know the fundamentals of flagging before being assigned as a flagger.”

This course will enable the student to apply practical concepts and provide the student with the practical knowledge needed to satisfy Cal/OSHA’s requirements. Students are required to complete a written examination and will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.


1. Introduction
2. Manuals and Standards
3. Characteristics of a Flagger
4. High-visibility Clothing
5. Flagger Equipment
6. Work Zone Layout and Flagger Station
7. Hand-Signaling Procedures
8. Method of One-Lane, Two-Way Traffic Control
9. A Demonstration of Proper Flagger Methodology
10. Emergency Situations
11. Methods of Dealing with Hostile Drivers
12. Video – Fundamentals of Flagging
13. Course Quiz and Certificates of Training


Gong Wang, P.E.
Transportation Engineer; Former Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Expert, Caltrans

  • Registered professional engineer with more than 20 years of experience
  • Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) and Flagging instructor at UC Berkeley Tech Transfer Program
  • Technical member of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Expert on TTC for California State DOT (Caltrans)
  • In charge of the Standard Plans and Specifications for TTC Systems
  • Initiated and completed action items in the California Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)
  • Provides statements and depositions as the most knowledgeable person from Caltrans in legal cases involving work zone traffic incidents.
  • Provided training at MSA, Traffic Control Supervisors Association (TCSA), and American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) State & National Conferences (ATSSA EXPO, etc.).

    John S. Jackson
    ATTSA Certified Flagger, TCT & Supervisor Trainer; OSHA 30 Certified; First Responder

    • 2010 – Present – Myers & Sons Hi-Way Safety Safety Director
      •  ATSSA California Flagging Instructor
      •  Certified California Flagger – Caltrans and ATSSA
      •  Traffic Control Technician – Caltrans and ATSSA Certified
      •  Traffic Control Supervisor – ATSSA Certified
      •  OSHA 30 – Certified
      •  First Responder – Red Cross
    • 2004 – 2009 – Central Intelligence Agency
      Counter-Terrorism Specialist / Federal Police Officer
      •  Federal Law Enforcement Training Center – P.O.S.T. Certificate
      •  CIA Post FLETC Training Academy – Certificate
      •  OIC Visitor Center Headquarters/Langley – (Officer In-Charge)
      •  OPSEC (Overseas Personal Security) – Certification
      •  Counter-Terrorism Specialized Training – Classified
      •  Edged Weapon Defense – Instructor
      •  Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC/Combat Medic) – Certification
      •  Quick Reaction Force (QRF) – Certification
      •  SEER (Survival Escape Evasion Resistance) Training – Certification
    • 1989 – 2004 – Gavin de Becker Inc. Director of Training
      •  Detail Leader / SAIC (Special Agent In-Charge)
      •  Defense Tactics – Instructor
      •  Firearms – Instructor
      •  Chemical Weapons – Instructor
      •  Defensive Driving – Instructor
      •  Designer and developer of comprehensive security systems for fortune 500 executives
      and 7 of the World’s most influential public figures including Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey
      and the Walt Disney Corporation

Mike Lopez
California Department of Transportation, Caltrans

  • Engineering Technician, Traffic Operations, Caltrans Dist 07, Los Angeles
  • Engineering Technician, Assistant Resident Engineer (Major Freeways)
  • Transportation Engineer Principal Assistant Resident Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer, Dist 07 Traffic Management Team
  • Transportation Engineer, Construction Traffic Advisor and Safety Advisor
  • Assisted in developing training modules provided statewide to Caltrans Field Engineers
  • Annually developed and delivered training modules focusing on work zone safety for Caltrans District 07 Division of Construction Field staff
  • Completed 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety & Health training
  • Completed 30-hour OSHA Construction Safety & Health training
  • Completed Flagger Training required by Cal OSHA Section 1599
  • Completed Cal OSHA training for Roadway Construction

Half day

$150 per student
(F.B.A. Member)
$200 per student
Includes Certification

[email protected] FOR CLASS INFORMATION

This course has been reviewed and endorsed by the Flasher Barricade Association.

Note: We are currently training groups of 12+ onsite only. 

This course can be combined with Traffic Control Technician training in a more comprehensive course.  See “California-Combination Work Zone Traffic Control Technician & Flagger Training Course for Counties and Cities”.